[Fangame] Castlevania Chronicles II: Simon’s Quest

Warmachine Studios ha publicado Castlevania Chronicles II: Simon’s Quest para PC (Windows), un remake no oficial de Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest (1987) que reimagina el juego originalmente desarrollado por Konami para NES con nuevas características:

  • Currency system – no more using hearts for currency and subweapons
  • Mansions – each mansion is different and doesn’t take influence from the original game, other than title Each mansion will have it’s own boss to fight to get all of Dracula’s Remains
  • Save/Load system – no more passwords. Save points are scattered throughout the game
  • Additional Subweapons – the Axe and Cross have been added
  • Cycling has been streamlined by using the LB/RB
  • Controller Support – compatible with any PC controller that is recognized with XBOX drivers. Rumble support added
  • World Map – added to help keep track of where you are going
  • Remixed OST – a blend of metal + orchestra containing the games OST as well as various other tracks from other CV titles
  • Slide – allows you to slip past enemies and bosses to keep you from getting cornered as easily
  • FMV – Fully 3D cutscenes
  • Multiple Endings
  • Updated NPC and dialogue – NPC’s actually provide useful information that help you out
  • Priests – In each church the priest will sell you the max amount of hearts

Castlevania Chronicles II: Simon’s Quest se puede descargar gratis desde el canal de Youtube de Warmachine Studios o directamente por Google Drive.


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  1. Anónimo dice:

    Enésimo «remake» de este juego. Ya tengo 3 (Rebitten y Revamped).
    Por qué no remakean el 3, que es mejor?

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