[Hack] DOOM 32X Resurrection (Sega 32X)

DOOM 32X Resurrection es un hack de DOOM (1994) para el periférico de Sega Mega Drive / Genesis creado por D32XR Team que modifica el clásico juego de id Software (Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Rage) para convertirlo en una nueva versión mejorada y renovada, destacando que tiene un nuevo engine, control mejorado, sistema para salvar la partida, nuevos niveles, mejores gráficos, nueva banda sonora de mayor calidad y poder configurar resolución.

El parche para poder jugar DOOM 32X Resurrection se puede descargar desde ROMhacking.net y tiene que ser aplicado a una ROM europea de DOOM con cualquier programa compatible con archivos en formato .xdelta, como xdeltaUI o Delta Patcher.

Actualización: D32XR Team ha publicado una nueva versión de este hack.

Lista de cambios y mejoras de DOOM 32X Resurrection:

  • Multi-region, supports both PAL and NTSC.
  • Smoother yet faithful gameplay.
  • New PSX-like title screen.
  • Rendering has been spread across both SH2 processors for better speed.
  • User input is processed at 30FPS, while game logic runs at 15FPS.
  • Low (two pixel modes) 128×144, 128×160, 160×180 and high detail 224×128, 252×144 video modes.
  • Soundtrack courtesy of Spoony Bard: https://www.patreon.com/SpoonyBard
  • Selecting between no music, VGM FM music, or playing music from attached Sega CD (requires Sega CD in addition to 32X).
  • Stereo panning for game sounds.
  • Save ram support – keeps track of finished levels, health, armor, weapons and ammo – eight save slots as well as an auto-save at the end of each level.
  • Includes Saxman’s 24 Level Expansion pack.
  • Restores sprite directions from the Jaguar version as well as in-fighting between monsters.
  • Level fixes courtesy of Wavy.
  • Spectres look the way they did in the original PC version.
  • Jaguar Doom HUD assets.
  • Three drawing modes: the regular sector based lighting (although it’s better than the original Doom 32X in that sprites also use this lighting, no more 100% bright sprites!), “potato” mode which doesn’t texture floors or ceilings for slightly better speed, or the original Doom fading light rendering (which is just a smidgen slower and looks a little muddy given the fifteen bit palette of the 32X).
  • ‘Always run’ option.
  • Support for three-button and six-button pads, as well as the Sega mouse. You can choose how to map the primary three buttons in the menu.
  • Verified as working on Kega Fusion 3.64, a Model 2 Genesis + Model 2 CD + launch 32X, a CDX + 32X, with a NeoFlash NeoMyth MD and the V1 Mega EverDrive, and also with Mega EverDrive Pro.


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