[Hack] Mortal Kombat II 32X Arcade Edition (Sega 32X)

Mortal Kombat II 32X Arcade Edition es un hack de Mortal Kombat II (1994) para el periférico de Sega Mega Drive / Genesis creado por Master Linkuei, BillyTime! Games y YoSoyNacho que modifica y retoca este clásico juego de lucha de Midway (Spy Hunter, Rampage, NBA Jam, Cruis’n USA) para hacerlo más parecido a la versión original arcade, contando con mejoras en el apartado gráfico, sonoro y jugable.

La ROM de Mortal Kombat II 32X Arcade Edition se puede descargar desde el canal de YouTube de Master Linkuei.

Lista de cambios y mejoras de Mortal Kombat II 32X Arcade Edition:

  • Added more voices and sfx samples:
    Scorpion’s «Get Over Here»
    Liu Kang’s Bicycle Kick
    Shao Kahn’s Laugh
    Dan Fordden’s «Oh waaa»
    Sub-Zero’s Ice SFX
    & More…
  • Added SFX in the backgrounds:
    Livin’ Forest
    The Portal
  • Combos restored and improved:
    Jax Flying Kick + Grab in the air
    Scorpion’s Flying kick + Teleport
    and more…
  • Gameplay and timings improved
  • Reset System:Press ABC+MODE to reset or go back to the MEGA ED PRO menu
  • Training Mode with an exclusive new music track!
  • Deadpool Dan Fordden’s «Oh waaa» easter egg restored
  • The PIT II fatality improved (sfx, animations and sync)
  • MSU-MD alternate patch with all the Arcade songs (based on the MSU-MD code by jvisser)
  • Color palettes improved and added shadow mode in some screens to look more accurate with the Arcade game.
  • & a lot of other little improvements…


  • AI Nerf (by @BillyTime ):
    ON = The difficulty selected will be fixed for every fight of the battleplan (even for the bosses)
    OFF = The original AI: after the 3rd fight, the CPU turn into a BEAST lol


  • Pause System (by @yosoynacho ):
    Press MODE to pause and Start to unpause


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