[Hack] NBA Jam 2K22 – Tournament Edition (Super Nintendo)

NBA Jam 2K22 – Tournament Edition es un hack de NBA Jam Tournament Edition (1995) para SNES creado por eskayelle y Mattrizzle que actualiza este arcade de baloncesto desarrollado por Iguana Entertainment (Aero the Acro-Bat, Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) y distribuido por Acclaim con jugadores actuales y nuevos jugadores secretos, contando con más de 250 jugadores, además de retocar gráficos e incluir nuevas características.

El parche para poder jugar NBA Jam 2K22 – Tournament Edition se puede descargar desde ROMhacking.net y tiene que ser aplicado a una ROM americana de NBA Jam: Tournament Edition con cualquier programa compatible con archivos en formato .IPS, como Lunar IPS o Floating IPS.

Lista de cambios y mejoras de NBA Jam 2K22 – Tournament Edition:

  • All 30 NBA teams are separately selectable and are part of the main campaign!
  • There are more than 170 current NBA players at your disposal, with the expanded rosters housing at least 5 players per team.
  • All-NBA teams and Legends are here! Beat the campaign mode to access these heavy hitters.
  • A substantial graphics update sets fonts and palettes that much closer to the arcade. Check out those sweet courts!
  • Break backboards! The feature lost after the original SNES NBA Jam (but found its way into College Slam) is back! Locate a maxed out dunker and see if you can shatter some glass!
  • Just wanna watch a game? Set up simulations a la Tecmo Bowl with the new Spectate feature, pit your favorite teams against each other, sit back, and watch the show!


  • Battle from worst to first, based on the latest season standings and playoffs.
  • Injury stats max out at a whopping 50. No shove, no love!
  • Konami codes from previous hacks get you easy access to expanded rosters, plus the special teams.
  • Secret players are accessible in campaign mode, with their records available to save.
  • Cycle both forward AND backward through players on the team select screen.
  • “Greyscaled” uniform portraits allow for more seamless future roster swaps.
  • Updated court colors, uniform colors, logos, and banners are all over the game.
  • New and extended announcer sound clips put more Kitzrow in your ears.
  • Bug fixes from past hacks keep the pushin’ and shovin’ “professional”.


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