Parche de retraducción al inglés para Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom de Sega Mega Drive / Genesis

Peaches, Rebecca Capowski e lory1990 han publicado una parche de retraducción al inglés para Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom de Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

Desarrollado por Sega R&D2 (Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Zillion, SpellCaster, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (Master System)) y distribuido por Sega en 1990, es un RPG por turnos que ahora tiene esta nueva traducción al inglés para mejorar su calidad y que sea más fiel a la versión original japonesa, y no es el único cambio respecto al juego original ya que también han hecho otras mejoras como editar gráficos para mejorar su colorido y arreglar bugs.

El parche para poder jugar Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom en inglés se puede descargar desde y tiene que ser aplicado a una ROM americana / europea con cualquier programa compatible con archivos en formato .IPS, como Lunar IPS o Floating IPS.

Actualización: Se ha publicado una nueva versión de esta traducción.

Lista de cambios y mejoras:

– Fully translated hack of the original game! *Some item and enemy names had to be adjusted for length.
– The old man’s dialogue on the boat doesn’t repeat now.
– Pilota’s armor shop now has gear appropriate for Lein’s party.
– The chest in Lashute which originally gave the player a LaconHelm now gives a proper upgrade instead.
– Hasataka, Foundaury and Mystoke along with its castle all now have palettes that match their respective climates.
– Party palettes have been edited. *Some portraits (members of Eshyr’s house) were altered to match character sprites.
– Lune’s enemy graphic had a palette change for his hair color.
– Likewise, Luin’s intro cutscene art had a slight recolor.
– Blinking pixels on Lyle’s sprite have been fixed.
– Shin received his own sprite (an edit of Lyle’s graphic).
– Fuin also received a sprite recolor. His graphic now matches his sister’s color.
– The RNG for the speed stat in battles has been adjusted for balance.
– New font graphics.
– New title screen art for the subtitle, «Successors of Time» instead of «Generations of Doom».
– The enemy called «Mideri Aschiruth» (or «Finis» in the English version) has had its palette corrected.

– The Escapipe bug has been fixed. *It still works in the beginning of the game as an Easter egg.
– Likewise, you can no longer press UP when talking to Lena while imprisoned and glitch the game that way.
– The poison bug has been fixed. If a poisoned character dies, the poison is now removed.
– Equipment with healing effects can no longer be abused outside of battle.
– Dead characters can no longer use techniques or items outside of battle.
– The check for the party’s legendary weapons works correctly now.
– The «Pron» glitch has been fixed.
– Mieu and Wren’s item carryover bug has been fixed.
– Shusoran’s sound problem has been corrected.
– Luin’s duplicate MysteryStar that appears in his initial inventory has been removed.
– Luise’s sprite now animates correctly.
– Warrior Luna has been given a new XP table which matches the 3rd generation protagonists due to a bug with her original table.
– Laia (Gwyn) and Warrior Luna both have new technique growth tables. Their starting tech levels remain unchanged.
– The shuttle SFX that runs repeatedly after the start of Luin’s quest has been fixed.
– After recruiting Dan, the Rebel Cave’s encounters are now disabled as they are when you re-enter the dungeon.


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